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It’s the Booty Get in touch with in the Harem

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This poem offers a birds’-eye-check out of existence inside of a slavery-primarily based harem, an establishment identified, regrettably, internationally. As a writer, I give the principal perspective each to a youthful girl, and as nicely to the harem owner to offer a fair composite perspective (a union of the two, the woman and the harem operator). I hope the reader’s intellectual curiosity is happy and that my poem will support us all comprehend the timeliness of ending these kinds of slavery and degradation – for the slaves, and the harem owner, also.

It is often a prolonged check out
by captive veiled women
respiration furtively in the deep deep night
of unquenched solace misunderstood
unappreciated unnoticed
love’s authenticity unchallenged
each day grievances keep on being unspoken
dreams are simply misplaced by the wayside
with the owner’s fulfillment
in the lonely desolate Arabian evening

the wealthy gentleman walks with the evening
in tender-soled slipper sneakers
with an occasional arrythmic snap
to remind people on the bare floors beneath
of his unquestioned unrelenting electric power
with only scattered prayer rugs
to muffle the smooth sound of his possessing techniques

when even tranquil males
not really no cost males in the daylight
breathe within the curtained walls
the purple-roped cordoned loos
in which they occasionally stay
as genuine females not guys
men who are ready to depart the harem walls
for errand missions to the sector in the sunlight
triggering envy in the harem females
who are not able to depart

it’s a dollar monthly bill truth inside of the paradigm
of psychological lease ripped with discontent
you are unable to price cut the dis-cunt out there
in hovering fragile tents unflapped
now aflame with burning mercy
need and erupting accusations
inside of formerly unfathomed hearts
of unaddressed humanity
denied the prospect to talk

in prearranged groupings of sex-laden
entities of varying bosoms counted buttocks
stretched out on cream-colored cots
their only beds for relaxation
harmless untouched fingers
some with stained henna tattoos
other people with draping multicolored beads
girlish promises of splendor inside fidelity
like a small paperweight with a snowy scene
although meticulously altered deceits effects
on swiftly deserted traditional
marriage vows even deserted traditions
like the white pure pura wedding dresses
they hoped to wear
they hoped to offer you him a hymn
con graca with grace y espiritu

in the arid stifling home with no choices at all
isolated hands in some cases go free of charge
from slavery’s degradation and frozen fingers
Shielded by decorated tents with restricted trays of foods
walks the nicely-clothed stranger donning slippers
all people appreciates him but he by no means speaks
passing boldly normally openly as the proprietor
in the black velvet shadows of the harem

straight for the booty he dove
an psychological abuser by means of sexual openings
he was the deep sea diver returned
from a loaded man’s foraging and despair
to unlimited flowing rivers of womanhood
whilst he is generally hated he does not care
and reconsiders his aloof decision for the night time
on that highly effective tender night she was just like
a flower opening
though shrinking from the burden of her youth
he aggressively takes out his price cut coupon
his group price solution in barren lodge rooms
as the harem proprietor
for a different thrill
an additional lay
on yet a further mercenary working day

As he bit by bit slides selectively
down the dim hall of the harem vagina
putting on expensive slippers not challenging shoes
he ponders his selections with an all-viewing
3rd eye his personal hard eyes averted
whilst the shrouded women of all ages watch
with dark Kohl-outlined eyesight
underneath the silk brocaded overlay
an unaccustomed pair of bright blues
peeking innocently through
it was the nazi glue they spoke of
as they viewed in fearful silence
and waited

Like a familiar lighthouse misplaced
a revolving police state siren
warning and promising her very little
screaming red purple roses compact red vaginas
crimson purple dreams overtake her tumultuous
cascading lotus feelings
her younger innocent mouth opens with terror
as he tells her to close the clitoral hood
she embraces the deity that he is
in abject submission
within the stylish locked rooms
of the harem’s orifices
it was the woman who was raped
not the slave

Like a dry iced medical center the harem is sterile
Dying persons lie like mummies barren in
Chilly damp wrapped sheets
Stale incest incense dominates
Forming ethereal dim clouds
Obscure pleasures abound
With no tactile recognition

For the harem proprietor it is like sleeping
With a 50 %-useless girl
Who are not able to lift her head or
Her Subjugated arm
She weeps devoid of the mercy
of childhood’s spontaneous tears
As she allows him enter her although
Her melancholy seeks up through
His own pores and skin and pores
Contaminating any relief
he could come across
Drowning in the living dry death
Within a useless womb and
nearing nearby skulls
The vacant vagina on which
He insisted as a condition
To her enduring enslavement

The opium space wander normally takes the operator
Down one more circuitous hallucinogenic
Road as he gropes in the darkness for the
Slim tightly wrapped cloth-covered twine
Of a houkah
a royal pipe made up of aid for
his now desperate want
and with even a further breath
He suffocates in the smoky memories
Of a golden youth he dropped
through acquisition
as a result of subugation
servitude and non secular bondage
a constant domination he after sought
has come to be the feeling of no possibilities to make
there are no singing crickets in the bushes
bushes that are now a demanding confinement
once residing now formed into an illusive fortress
he safeguards his possess jail
with his lifestyle

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Source by Patricia McGurk Martin

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